I know that our national politics have become devoid of truth and facts, but I’m surprised to see it now in this community I love so much.
The recent post from the Killearn Homeowners Association is filled with misleading distortions.
As commissioner, I have actively promoted the priorities of Killearn time after time. Most recently, at their request I championed the KHA position and was the second on the Mayor’s motion to reroute the Northeast Gateway to Killearn’s preferred choice. Earlier this year, I advocated to expand the gateway project to include a terminus at Roberts road and not just merely at Shamrock. Again, at Killearn’s request.
The Welaunee comprehensive plan amendment has been actively discussed for more than a year and intensely discussed for the last four months with more than 13 public charettes, written proposals, and numerous meeting with individuals and citizen groups.
I heard your concerns and to the best of my ability fought for them!
The night before the comprehensive plan meeting the KHA board issued a letter requesting a “stop clause” as they were worried about increased density and its effects on traffic.  The increase in density has been on the table for months.  And despite our repeated meetings where concerns were expressed, listened to and addressed, I’m disappointed KHA left it to a last-minute theatrical (made-for-media) maneuver.  Fortunately, there’s time between now and the transmittal hearing on November 10th to address the issue – and as I have repeatedly expressed, I will do so as requested.
It is worth noting, however, that not a single foot of the Welaunee development would be constructed absent a traffic study to determine the effect on existing roads. If the study determines that an expansion of the roadway system is necessary, it would be done at the developer’s expense.  That’s the law.
Can language be considered in the comprehensive plan to reiterate this legal requirement?  Sure, I don’t see why not.
Facts matter. The concerns of my neighbors’ matter. The voices who care about the future of NE Leon County matter and of course the voices of those who live in Killearn also matter a great deal.  I have worked very hard to be a voice of reason, an effective advocate, and a commissioner of whom you can be proud.
Lies, distortions and theater have displaced reason, common-sense and honest consensus-building. And to be clear, it will not divert me from remaining a strong advocate for Killearn even while some leaders choose to take a very low road.
As always, I would be more than happy to meet again and again with any member of the KHA Board to discuss the issue.


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